The Sciatica ReliefNow™ Laser Method©

A Highly Effective, Non-invasive Solution to Pain

At ReliefNow™ Laser North Haven, we understand that your sciatica is a very distressing pain that is not allowing you to live the active lifestyle that you deserve!

Our specific step-by-step protocol utilizing the most modern technology available can provide the solution you are looking for.

It’s amazing. My first treatment I went from 0% to 70% with no more pain.

I can stand up better and my walking is much better. Thank You!

- Mamie

Free from Dangerous Side Effects

Your sciatica usually worsens with standing or sitting and the discs between your spinal bones are often involved. The spinal nerves are generally irritated and inflamed, and, if neglected, the pain traveling down one or both legs can likely worsen.

Your pain is present in the leg(s), but the culprit is often the lower back and or piriformis muscle that runs through the buttocks.

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NOTE: For those traveling to us from out of town or outside the continental US, please ask about our special travel arrangements!

Step 1: Soothing Moist Heat/Cold Therapy

We’ll start with this protocol to promote healthy circulation, diminishing inflammation to initiate the healing process for your sciatica condition (determined by your condition’s onset and duration).

Step 2: Gentle High-Power Deep Tissue Laser Therapy

Our FDA-cleared laser will painlessly address the cause of your sciatica by reducing pain, swelling, and inflammation while stimulating cells to regenerate injured tissues.

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